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Switzerland in May 2017

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What to do in Switzerland in May

The end of spring is near yet Switzerland is still great for tourists and travelers to visit. If you've already seen a man dressed up as a tree waddling in the streets, the Maibär Festival in St. Gallen may no longer be of interest to you. But, the way it's being celebrated is no ordinary. The Auffahrtsumritt in Beromünster, started out as a religious procession in the 1500s, is now a colorful parade participated by both believers and spectators. Clear up your schedule and have fun with the kids in Begnins during the second Sunday of the month and help them decide who must be crowned as the May King and Queen. And oh, did you know that Switzerland's Grand Prix happens in May?

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Concerts in Switzerland in May 2017

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Sports Events in Switzerland in May 2017

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Travel With Children in Switzerland in May

Travel With Children

Travelling to Switzerland with children

Travelling to Switzerland with kids will be the easiest trip you’ve ever had. Luckily for you the country is full of attractions which will grab the attention of the children and ensure them an unforgetable trip. Especially the sunny weather in May will let you take advantage of the rich and very developed train infrastructure of Switzerland and we all know children love trains. You can take them to see how their favourite food cheese is made, and continue the food paradise day with some chocolate tourism. The play day will be full when they try learning how the popular swiss game curling is played or increase their cultural knowledge and teach them what are alphorns, the traditional cow callers. And a good surprise trip for your kids is playing the Foxtrail game, an interesting treasure hunt spread in several Swiss cities.

Top Attractions

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Seilpark Interlaken, Interlaken
Pilatus Mountain, Lucerne
Aquaparc, Geneva Area
Labyrinthe Aventure, Evionnaz
Swiss Vapeur Parc, le bouveret