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Maldives Holidaysin January 2018

Maldives is the nation full of beautiful islands across its region; each one makes you feel like living in paradise in its own way. The Maldives weather conditions are highly depends upon its monsoon seasons as it experiences tropical conditions across the region. The month of January is generally considered as a dry season with less rainfall level. This makes it the Best time to Visit Maldives for the tourists from all over the world. Let’s see how this incredible island beauty can make your Maldives holidays more enjoyable.


Attractions & Activities  


Addu Atoll is located in the southern region of Maldives which is considered as one of the favorite destinations for the tourists in their Maldives holidays. The diving enthusiasts would love this place as it offers fantastic diving activities in this island. The modern road from Gan’s equator village resort that connects other regions of Maldives is a best way to enjoy the bike ride.


Male City


Male is a small city with crowded population which resembles the Asian island culture and tradition. The people who want to explore culture of Maldivians and enjoy the small island city life then this is the city to visit to accomplish that effectively. Hukuru is a famous 17-th century mosque located in this city which is certainly an architectural masterpiece. The Grand Friday mosque is another one of its kind that also can be visited by the tourists apart from prayer times.


The National Museum in Sultan Park at the city of Male is a must-visit for the historical artifacts lovers as it gives the collection of numerous artifacts including the famous Sultan’s thrones and other historic elements. There is no wonder in an island city to spot the famous fish market that is considered as a major economic activity. Male’s fish market is the perfect place for you to get fresh fishes with various kinds from the sea in affordable price.




Maldives Holidays are best spent with the incredible resorts all over the country. Ananthara, Banyan Tree, and Hilton Maldives are the famous resorts in the nation in which you can find highly relaxing environment with its facilities. The spa treatments are the integral part of most of these resorts. They offer treatments such as massaging, pampering, and many other therapies for you to relax yourself in the middle of your trip. If you are a couple then you can get the best out of double massage therapies along with your partner in your Maldives holidays.


Evening Boat Cruising


After a long day of traveling to various places in your Maldives holidays trip, the boat ride on the sunset through the islands is a wonderful way to finish it off the day.  The wooden boat called dhoni is been a favorite way of transport for the tourists to cruise across the uninhabited islands. The Maldives weather conditions are perfectly appropriate for this cruise travel at the month of January, surely a Best time to visit Maldives. There will be drinks and snacks available for you during the cruise while the musicians enhance the mood by their bodu beru drums which also attract the dolphins. 

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