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What to do in Austria in May

The month of May is good to travel to Austria especially for people who like mountain climbing and hiking. Summer is pleasant, and the fresh Alpine air is great refreshment for holiday makers. The salzkemmergut area is very popular summer destination. Surrounded by the mountains it provides plenty of opportunities for hiking and mountaineering. Swimming and bathing is another popular activity as there are a number of beautiful lakes like Traunsee, Attersee, Mondsee, Wolfgangsee etc in the area. Lake Neuseidl that runs along the Austrian Hungarian border is another very famous lake that attract tourists all around the year. 

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Concerts in Austria in May 2017

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Sports Events in Austria in May 2017

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Travel With Children in Austria in May

Travel With Children

Travelling to Austria with children

Spring is at its height in Austria in May, with the trees in full bloom. Brass bands and beer tents are part of the May Pole activities in Lower Austria. If you happen to be in Altaussee or in one of the towns in Ausseerland, be sure not to miss the Daffodil Festival. You will be awed at the spectacular sculptures created entirely out of thousands of daffodil flowers. These are placed on carriages and pulled by boats on the lake. There are 140 different species of animals from around the world in themed areas at the Salzburg Zoo, started in 1424, located at the mountain of Hellbrunn. The 14 subterranean chambers of Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, near Innsbruck offer a different kind of adventure – being in a fairytale land where hundreds of Swarovski crystals in a myriad of colors that even nature envies. Lake Achensee is Tyrol’s biggest lake. There are boat cruises in the lake, as well as marked trails for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, sailing, paragliding and camping.

Top Attractions

travel with children
May Pole, Lower Austria
Daffodil Festival, Ausseerland
Salzburg Zoo, Salzburg
Lake Achensee, Tyrol
Swarovski Crystal Worlds, Wattens