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Austria in April 2018

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What to do in Austria in April

In April you can travel to the Southeastern region of Austria, the state if Styria. The largest city here is Graz and the whole city is included in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage Site. It’s old town is one of world’s best preserved places in terms of architecture. Near to Graz is Mariazell, where famous Mariazell Basilica is located that is well known because of it unique architecture and is an important pilgrimage site. Murinsel the artificial floating island made on Mur River is also a big tourist attraction.  

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Concerts in Austria in April 2018

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Sports Events in Austria in April 2018

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Travel With Children in Austria in April

Travel With Children

Travelling to Austria with children

It is still spring in Austria in April. Outdoor activities are favored. Traveling to Austria with children in April need not be a hassle. There are attractions around the country to excite the minds of children. The Ars Electronica Center in Linz is called the Museum of the Future. It features technology and art integration in virtual reality, modern media and the digital realm. At the Schönbrunn Palace is the award-winning Marionettetheater, where beautifully carved wooden puppets continue to delight adults and children. It permanently plays Ritter Camembert, The Magic Flute and others for children. Vienna’s Spanish Riding School continues its age-old tradition of training horses for classical dressage. Visitors go on guided tours to see training sessions and view performances of the Lipizzan horses that are set to waltz music. Imagine riding a steam train the runs through a beautiful forest where you’d be treated to some of the most beautiful sceneries in Waldbähnle. While in Vorarlberg, check the schedule and visit the Montafoner Bergbaumusuem. This showcases the history of the silver mining activities in the area before they ride the steam train.


Top Attractions

travel with children
Ars Electronica Center, Linz
Marionettentheater, Salzburg
Spanish Riding School, Vienna
Montafoner Bergbaumuseum, Vorarlberg