Vamoro - About Us

Welcome to VAMORO!

There is a new way to explore the world and enrich your travel experience. VAMORO was founded in 2012 in a challenging world of a fast growing tourism industry. The founders Zur Ronen and Tomer Ganz were trying to plan their own trip. It took them much effort and valuable time to get all the necessary data, which led them to a conclusion that there is a basic need for all of us to acquire information related to travel.

Zur was trying to realize when would be the best time to travel to the Philippines and what will be the main attractions to visit during his stay. Tomer was trying to plan his honeymoon in October. He wanted to get familiar with the countries that offer us the best choices for a luxury holiday trip. In a very short period of time to come, both Zur and Tomer came to a conclusion that in order to find the requested answers, they will need to face hazards which were not planned. As a result, there was a clear decision to launch VAMORO.

The founder's goal is to enable travelers to plan their trip in an easy, efficient and exciting way, while offering a friendly user platform and rich content. Uria Bass is an expert graphic designer who has also joined the team to complete the visualities and UX.

The outcome is to provide a monthly breakdown for each country. This will allow the users to plan and analyze which place will be suitable for them to go to in each month of the year.

On VAMORO it is possible to find WebPages for each country and month. On the world map, which is the land page of VAMORO, the user can choose the month of travel, while filtering the special requests. In addition there are preferences sorted by weather, concerts, sport events and much more. At this stage the user can check the recommended countries as requested.